Why is it better to take a loan than a bank credit?

Why is it better to take a loan than a bank credit?

Basic fees, i.e. interest and Commission and the most significant parameter: maturity. Penalties that are imposed for delay are only in the contract. It is also worth paying attention, if by chance, someone Agency does not require a document other than an identity card, although additional information is rarely required. An application for a loan can be filed in the office of the Agency or through Internet. The waiting time for a decision is usually 20 minutes. Knowing these rules, you can already safely accept additional funds from the Agency providing the loan service.

54) I Wonder where to take money to new hardware, ELECTRONICS or household APPLIANCES? Old not anticipation refused to obey, and the new you have no available funds. Such situations can happen to each of us at any time. It is necessary, then, to know alternative sources of support for the family budget.

Alternative, because from sources other than the Bank. There are a lot of such financial institutions specializing in granting loans in an emergency situation in our market now. How to choose the right one? No one better. Just a lot of good ones. Having solved the debt to the Agency, you can use the experience of family, friends or a neighbor who can point us to a proven place.

You can also make your own choice by comparing the offers of different companies and choose the best one for us. It is worth paying attention to such parameters as: the interest rate, Commission for commissioning of funds for the loan, the maturity of installments or all the debt for other fees that the Agency charges, for example, fines for exceeding the maturity date.

Another important thing is the amount we can lose, this usually reaches only a few thousand. This information can be found directly at the office of the Agency or without leaving home via the Internet. Through the Internet, we can also apply for a loan and transfer funds to your own Bank account.

Then you need to send an ID scan to the specified address and transfer a small amount to the creditor’s account to confirm the account activity. The truth is that the easier it is impossible?

The Island Pilot DSe Hybrid

America’s First Hybrid Yacht Using Solar – Diesel – Electric Drive

The Island Pilot 12m Hybrid continues to score by winning her fourth major award, the “People’s Choice,” voted best by the attendees at January’s TrawlerFest in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This international recognition is for a reason – the DSe 12m is leading the wave of the future in zero-emissions, eco-friendly cruising.

Imagine living on the hook for months at a time using ONLY renewable energy. All your power needs are met by the 6 kW solar array, modern batteries and Diesel Hybrid Propulsion System from Steyr Motors. She is the ultimate in “Green Cruising.” Learn More

We have a new 2-page flyer showing the newest DSe designs – the DSe 10.5m & the DSe 9m.

The 9m is designed to be trailerable with a 10’ beam and collapsable canopy. She’s outfitted with a pair of electric steerable pod drives, Li-Ion battery, diesel generator and 2.8kW solar array.



The Boating Press has discovered the DSe 12m!

Here’s a sampling of the current articles & videos.

DiscoveryShoot03Discovery Channel’s HD Theater recently featured the DSe on episode #9 of “World’s Most Expensive Rides.” Check your cable guide for reruns.

Click to watch now.

John Clemens spent time on the DSe 12m in Card Sound in the Florida Keys and wrote his opinion in the March issue of MotorBoating.