The Island Pilot DSe Hybrid

America’s First Hybrid Yacht Using Solar – Diesel – Electric Drive

The Island Pilot 12m Hybrid continues to score by winning her fourth major award, the “People’s Choice,” voted best by the attendees at January’s TrawlerFest in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This international recognition is for a reason – the DSe 12m is leading the wave of the future in zero-emissions, eco-friendly cruising.

Imagine living on the hook for months at a time using ONLY renewable energy. All your power needs are met by the 6 kW solar array, modern batteries and Diesel Hybrid Propulsion System from Steyr Motors. She is the ultimate in “Green Cruising.” Learn More

We have a new 2-page flyer showing the newest DSe designs – the DSe 10.5m & the DSe 9m.

The 9m is designed to be trailerable with a 10’ beam and collapsable canopy. She’s outfitted with a pair of electric steerable pod drives, Li-Ion battery, diesel generator and 2.8kW solar array.



The Boating Press has discovered the DSe 12m!

Here’s a sampling of the current articles & videos.

DiscoveryShoot03Discovery Channel’s HD Theater recently featured the DSe on episode #9 of “World’s Most Expensive Rides.” Check your cable guide for reruns.

Click to watch now.

John Clemens spent time on the DSe 12m in Card Sound in the Florida Keys and wrote his opinion in the March issue of MotorBoating.

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